Our mission is to team with local heroes to help them help their own people.

A hero to us is a person who wants to implement initiatives that help people heal, grow, and succeed. We help the hero by providing mentoring, encouragement, prayer, and monetary grants to accelerate their efforts.  Heroes help their people by training them in accounting, helping them start a business, assisting them in times of need, and much more. 

Come celebrate RMGI's success, meet members of Einam who are travelling here all the way from Kisumu, Kenya, and learn what is next for RMGI and how you can become part of it.  Come to support the ministry and our partner with your donation and a silent auction at the event!

When: Friday, October 12 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Where: Northridge Church, 2052 Saint Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14621

Cost: There is no cost to attend the event, donations will be accepted, and there will be a silent auction

Our second trip to Kenya was in September of 2014.  Towards the end of the week, after seeing firsthand the incredible impact Einam was having on improving the lives of widows and orphans, we posed a question to the Einam Board.  "What were your expectations of us when we left here after our first visit in 2010?"  They chuckled and replied, "Well to be honest, we thought that when you returned to the United States, you were going to turn around and write us a big check, and we would build schools and more.  But we soon realized that you were not yet organized, and you were not able to send that much money.  So we determined that whatever money you did send, we would make the best of it."

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Edwin Amos Omollo  Founder, Executive Director of Einam

Edwin Amos Omollo

Founder, Executive Director of Einam

"Praise be to the almighty God for his loving kindness and mercies. Einam continues to anchor her foundation in the principle of faith and trust in God. His love for us is so great that we can not imagine. God so powerfully connected us with his dear servants in Remember Me Global Initiatives, whom he led to our country Kenya and to the village of Kibigori in Nyanza province. All this was a miracle to us and the people of Kibigori. During this time Einam had just started its work and did not have much impact. We can not tell the whole story has God has established it in his records!"

Pamela, with children, Einam Board Members

Pamela, with children, Einam Board Members

“When my husband died I was left alone to raise 6 children with no means to support them and a home that was infested with chiggers. With Einams help, I now have a new home, my own business, and a support network. Thank you Lord for bringing Einam to my village.”

 - Pamela

Edwin, Alfred, Samson

“My father died from AIDS in the year 2000, when I was only five. My mother has also been battling AIDS and is still very frail. In addition, my brother Enos is battling Leukimia. For most of my childhood, my siblings and I had very little hope. We were very poor, and mostly had to find ways to survive. In 2008 the men and women from the Einam organization offered to help us. continue reading...